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Welcome to my 2014-2015 classroom tour!  I tend to keep my basic decor the same each year (at least for the past 4 years, anyway) but I usually rearrange and add/remove a few elements each year.  Here is my classroom as seen from the main door.  The main difference this year is that I removed one teacher desk.  I used to have two teacher desks because I was teaching part time, so my job-share partner had her own desk.  Removing the extra desk creates more space.  I also moved my small group table and pushed a student work table to the wall.  

This desk used to be mine, but it took up a lot of room where I had it previously.  Now it will be used for home reading exchange and for volunteers to do little jobs.  I still have to figure some things out, such as where to put that rolling cart.  It currently holds my sight word lists and activities, but I can't find an ideal storage spot for it!

This is now my teacher work station. I am LOVING having the "rainbow table" as my desk.  After school when I'm planning and prepping it's so nice to have a big space, and everything I need is accessible!  It'll also be great once small groups start, because all of my resources and record-keeping will be an arms-reach away.

This is how I organize my curriculum and supplies.  I have days of the week drawers where I can put copies or books that I will need.  In addition, the rest of the labeled drawers are for curriculum areas.  If I'm prepping for an entire unit or theme, I put the items I need in the corresponding drawers.  I find that it works  well for me!  

This is the view across the room from the small group/teacher area.  The CAFE wall is over there right now, but I might need to move it behind the small group table, since it will make more sense there.  The table that is pushed against the wall will be student spots and the writing center.  The white board can be used for sentence stems and word banks.  So handy! You can also see part of my classroom library here.  Some of the bins are my leveled readers, and some are my science books.  

Here is more of my library.  These are the social studies/theme books as well as the author/character tubs.  Below are some empty book boxes that we will use for Daily Five, as well as some word work bins.  

Here is my wall calendar, some genre book boxes (not all shown) and the students' mailboxes.  I use this calendar whole-group for the first month or so, and then start using the smart board calendar.  Once we start using the smart board calendar, the special helper completes this part independently.

***More photos to come!****

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