Monday, September 15, 2014

New Blog Design and Planning for the Year

I'm just thrilled with my new blog design my Megan over at A Bird In Hand Designs.  I love how she was able to design something so beautiful and so "me".  She knows all of the right questions to ask to lead toward a design that is personalized, unique, and balanced.  If you want a blog design by her, don't delay.  There is a wait list for customs, but it was definitely worth the wait!  She also has ready-to-go designs, which you don't have to wait for.

In the meantime, school hasn't started yet for me, so I'm doing a lot of dreaming and planning for the new year.  A few years ago I started doing my year-planning in a different way.  I now display my curriculum map on a month-by-month basis, in a prettier and more easy to use way.  This is what the September would usually look like:

I simply highlight the items as I complete them.  I find this style easier to use for planning.  It also works well if you are sharing a classroom with another teacher.  You can simply highlight each teacher's responsibilities in a different color, or you can copy it twice and each highlight what you are responsible for covering.  

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