Friday, January 30, 2015

Sight Word Packet Giveaway and Review

I have some students who are working on Sight Words with me quite a bit these days.  We needed something different to spice up our practice, and I found something that we are LOVING.

As part of Jungle Learner's Stop, Swap & Roll event, I am fortunate to be reviewing this wonderful sight word pack by Nicki Thigpen over at Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten!

This is pack includes 50 sight words and the practice pages include a fun variety of ways to practice the sight word.  I like that the pages are set up in the same way so that once students have been taught how to complete them, they can be independent.  
 The pages are perfect for using during word work time, independent work time, or literacy centers-however you run your literacy program.  I like using them at the end of some of my guided reading groups.  I can have students working on a particular word that they need practice on, or a word that pertains to a spelling pattern we are practicing, such as the ending of "y" to say the long "e" sound, etc.  Additionally, I put out the word lists for the students to use at various word work centers where they are building (with milk lids, for example).  The students can choose one of the word that they build from the list and complete that page.  It's good to remember that all students do not need to complete the same words, and that all students do not need to complete ALL pages.  Choice is fun, and differentiation just makes sense!
Bottle cap words is a fun station.  All it takes is a collection of milk jug lids (put out a note to parents to save up their lids and see how quickly you can get a set!  I like to have 2 of each letter.)
 You can also use these sheets at virtually any other word-building station like beads, stamping, playdough words, etc.  For stamping, simply have them stamp on the back as a reward for completing the front!
Another nice thing about these pages is that students can use a variety of writing instruments.  I have my students use crayons for coloring in the bubble letters, highlighters for finding the words and pencil for the rest.  
A great way to incorporate sight word learning into your day is by using Reading A-Z's projectable books.  I like to find a book for some of the sight words that my kiddos are struggling with and practicing it whole-class.  You can do this before or after using the sheets.  
Be sure to check out Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten blog for more great products. Also, you can enter to win your own copy of this sight word pack by participating in the Rafflecopter below!

If you would like to win a copy of this sight word find and practice pack, enter the rafflecopter below!  Good luck :)

Be sure to click on over to Mrs. Thigpen's blog to enter to win a copy of my Alphabet bundle!

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  1. Thank you for such a fun post to read! I am in LOVE with your bottle cap idea!! Did you use a silhouette to cut out the letters? love it. I just entered your giveaway and thanks for joining the swap, I hope you had fun with it!

    Jungle Learners

  2. Hi Melissa! Thanks for setting up the swap; it was so fun! The bottle cap letters are actually just stickers from a scrap booking store or dollar store! Easy peasy :)