Monday, September 17, 2012

Book Baskets and Labels

Organizing with baskets and labels is so much fun and makes such a difference in how a classroom looks.  I used to store my home reading books in a bunch of mismatched and broken baskets.  I'm somewhat ashamed of how they used to look!  I put a stop to that, and bought a bunch of coordinating baskets to use for my A-Z home reading books.  

My classroom has a blue, lime green, and black colour scheme, so my baskets had to fit in!  When I found these baskets at the dollar store, I knew I had to have them!  

It was really easy to put together these baskets.  

1. Buy or collect baskets.  I used woven baskets from a local dollar store.   

2.Print labels.  I got these *free* labels from Miss Kindergarten.  You can find them at her TPT store here.   The labels are blank, so you can customize them however it works for you.  I used the free for commercial use font called Schoolbell.  I laminated the labels.  

3.  Assemble the rest of your supplies. I found it easiest to attach these labels to my woven baskets by using pipe cleaners.  I made a template for my hole puncher so that I would punch the holes at the same spot on each of my labels.  It would have been easier to use a one-hole puncher, but I put these together at home and I only had a three-hole puncher.  

4. Cut the pipe cleaners and attach on the inside of the basket.  

5. Voila, beautiful, cute, and colourful book baskets!  I will add a photo of all of my book baskets on their shelf later.  

While I was working on these baskets I looked at my son who was having a snack in his high chair next to me in the dining room.  I thought it was pretty funny how colour-coordinated he was with my project!

Thanks for reading!  

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