Sunday, September 9, 2012

Classroom Tour 2012

I am so excited to share my 2012 classroom set-up.  It's not completely done, as I still have more organizing to do, and I haven't set up my word work boxes or math work stations yet.  But the school year is underway and the basic set-up is taken care of.  

Here is the view of my classroom from the main door.  The black wall above the windows will soon showcase student artwork!

Here is a slightly different view from the same door, where you can see the teacher desk.  

This is my "pride and joy" this year.  I have added a reading loft to my room.  It is simply a loft bed that was donated to me by a neighbour.  I asked the principal for permission to use this loft bed in the classroom.  It is not open yet, as I will first put a canopy over the loft to prevent students from being able to stand up.  One child will be able to use the reading loft at a time, and only when a teacher is present (not during lunch time or indoor recess).  

The great thing about a reading loft like this is that not only is the top a fun reading spot, but underneath will be a favourite reading spot as well!  I will be adding carpet and hopefully some pillows under here as well.  

At the front of the classroom I have two whiteboards.  I use one whiteboard for a word wall and focus wall, and the other for general purposes.  I like the ease of using a whiteboard for the word wall and focus wall. I have my words printed onto magnets, but if I want to add additional words such as students' names, it's easy to just write it in the appropriate spot with whiteboard marker.  

Close to the door I have our daily schedule.  It is quick and easy to change.  

At our carpet meeting area I have posted a Writing board. (I really need to move that fan, but it's been really hot the first week of school!) Thank you to First Grade Parade for providing the free download of "Do You Have a Writers Eye?"!  I also love the pencil chart that is from The Teacher Wife.  You can download the pencil from here! 

Our CAFE board starts off blank, and then we will add our reading strategies as they are taught.  

And last but not least is the teacher desk.  

I hope you enjoyed my brief classroom tour.  I will add more pictures soon!

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